Meet our team members who are responsible for the most important activities

David Pavel

Chief Troublemaker
Founder and driving force at the same time (about 10 times a day he jumps out of his chair shouting “I have an idea” which always brings loads of problems – note of the team). At the beginning it was our love for Cambodia which motivated others to join us and so the .pepper..field team now has dozens of members in the Czech republic and Cambodia as well. My goal is to make our project a dream job for each member of our team. The smiles of farmers and satisfied customers are my motivation. Love this job!

Klara Dohnalova

Chief Pepper Storyteller
Founder – I first came to Cambodia with David 4 years ago and the country immediately stole my heart. The name .pepper..field came up while sailing on a small boat on Koh Kong. “Let´s tell a story about this pepper sincerely with its history and its journey until our days,” I said to David. And since then we have been telling the pepper story.

Lukas Hejtmanek

Chief Peppercorns Counter
I am responsible for the online world and everything that cannot be described in words or deeds. I am behind everything where you see our logo – from labels on packaging to online purchase. I'm such an introverted drive system of the whole brand - I'm not very visible, but at the same time no one can do without me.

Lenka Trchalikova

Master of Disaster
I take care of the e-shop and customer service, so most of our customers know me only by voice. I used to work as an educator - now I take care of our customers and make sure that they get not only top-quality product but a great service too. I earned the position of Master of Disaster for my still positive attitude even in the demanding pre-Christmas period. My motivation are educational projects in Cambodia.


Chief Cambodian
My responsibility is to manage all our projects in Cambodia. I see the opportunity for me and my people, their smile, the trust that they feel for us, the love that they given to us. It make me have the power and strength to working with Klara, David and the .pepper..field team. I can feel that this project can helps a lot of Cambodian small farmers and let them bring the best pepper in the world through .pepper..field to Europe.


Master Farmer
My position is to manage all the work with our Kampot farmers. I want cambodian people to be proud of Kampot Pepper and to all the farmers too. Through this project I have learned a lot from David, Klara and I am so proud of everyone!

Klara Dobsickova

First Impressions Director
In the I work as a country manager for Slovakia. I met Klára and David on my journey through Asia. Our ways crossed in Bangkok and right after the first meeting we felt like we had known each other for years. What we do is connected mainly by the desire to help the country which stole our hearts - Cambodia.

Eliska Klimova

Manager of the Universe
I have joined .pepper..field recently as an office manager to support all team members, but we have known each other for years. I've been a fan of the project from the beginning and I've always wanted to be a part of it and do something that makes a great sense!